Let’s make a list! ヘ(。□°)ヘ

Well, I figured it was time to make a blog list. Let’s get started!

General information

  • Name? 
    • Daniela Ygman, you can call me Nela.
  • Age? 
    • 22, turning 23 in April.
  • Where do you live? 
    • I live in Makkum, Friesland, which is located in The Netherlands.
  • Pets? 
    • I have a cat, her name is Keiko, you’ve seen her around on the blog.
  • Colour on your house? 
    • Yellow brick with dark rooftiles.
  • Born? 
    • 26th April 1992, early morning if I remember correctly; around 4.00.
  • When did you graduate from your gymnasium? 
    • Ehm… let me think. After some calculations I believe it was before the summer of 2010!
  • What school program did you go to? 
    • “Bild och Form” – Painting & Sculpting. Too bad the orientation does not exist anymore, it is divided into courses you have to apply to nowadays.
  • Job? 
    • At the moment I am unemployed.
      • But I worked as a dishwasher and as a freelance English/Swedish-Swedish/English translator.
  • When are you going to bed tonight? 
    • No idea.
  • Showered today? 
    • No.
  • Hugged anyone today? 
    • Yes.
  • Kissed anyone today? 
    • Yes.
  • What was your dinner? 
    • Ehm… buns and some salad.
  • Today’s outfit? 
    • Hoodie, softpants, socks and slippers.
  • Today’s makeup? 
    • None.
  • Sweetie of the day? 
    • Sebastiaan.
  • Funniest person of the day? 
    • Sebastiaan and Keiko on a tight first place. 
      • But Keiko is not a person, so I guess it was only Seb.
  • Do you have a lot of friends? 
    • Well, I wouldn’t say a lot, I have a few whom matter.
  • Do you have a boy-/girlfriend? 
    • Yes.
  • Who did you talk last to when you were on the phone? 
    • Ehm… I think I skyped with my dad last.
  • Who was the latest text from and what did it say? 
    • It was with Sebastiaan. 
      • Me: Can you put the tomatoes into the fridge? Also np. I need to pee so bad though.
      • Seb: I did :33
  • Latest movie? 
    • Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Latest song?
    • H!dE 「DAIJOBU」!!! H!dE 「DAIJOBU」!!! H!dE 「DAIJOBU」!!!
  • Favourite food?
    • Tacos with tomatoes, spiced minced meat, cucumber and paprika OR spaghetti and meatsauce with champignons.
  • Favourite drink?
    • Juice or tea.
  • City?
    • I like Leeuwarden!
  • Country?
    • Japan easily. So want to travel there right now!
  • Subject in school?
    • I would’ve said… the sculpture class. But I think I remember most of those lessons because they were fun.
  • Year? 
    • No idea. Maybe the year the relationship I got now started? Can’t remember which year though. Too bad, sorry guys!
Most recent…
  • Person you thought about?
    • Madeleine and Alma.
  • Drink?
    • Juice.
  • Time you vomitted?
    • Maaaan… no idea. Maybe when I was 15?
  • Time you cried?
    • EEEH! No idea. Maybe the evening after the first time of Dutch-lessons?
  • Pizza?
    • Probably a Hawaii pizza.
  • Time you were in Sneek?
    • When we were Christmas shopping perhaps? 
      • Or was that Bolsward? Hmm.
  • Time you were in Leeuwarden?
    • A looooong time ago.
  • Time you were high?
    • Never been high really. Maybe that time, I was aged 14-15, my former friend had some weird substances she called drugs? Really didn’t do anything. So probably hokus pokus. 
      • Hehe, did not expect that seeing I live in The Netherlands?
  • Person that saw you cry?
    • Sebastiaan. He sat with me during the whole time, just comforting in silence.
  • Black or white?
    • White I guess.
  • Dog or cat?
    • Keiko!
  • Party at a pub or cozy at home?
    • Home actually. I am not a person that enjoys people when they are drunk and I sure do not like being drunk for that matter.
      • Plus I am so party everyday I do not need a pub!
  • Console games or PC?
  • Single or taken?
    • Taken. I am even engaged goddamn it! ROAR!
  • Facebook or Twitter?
    • Ehm, I have neither of these. 
      • I deactivated my FB until the time I see fit for activation rises upon me.
  • Black or blonde hair?
    • Brown with darker brown hinting.
  • Blue or brown eyes?
    • Blue.
  • Chocolate or licorice?
    • Chocolate hands down.
  • Right or left handed?
    • Right.
  • Coca-Cola or Fanta?
    • Fanta Exotic. 
  • To love or be loved?
    • Both. Feels nice.
Number of…
  • People you love?
    • Five.
  • People you hate?
    • None.
  • People that have told you they love you?
    • Don’t know. Most recent though is Seb and Alma (she didn’t say it to me, but I love her anyway and hope it is mutual). 
      • Love you both!
  • People that have hated you?
    • Probably some.
  • Times you’ve had memory losses?
    • Too many to count. Or… how do I know if I have had memory loss if I forget that I might have had a memory loss while having a memory loss?!
  • Piercings?
    • None.
  • People you miss right now?
    • A couple of few, but the feeling of missing them is both warm and cold. 
      • As in I like missing them but I don’t.
  • Times you’ve heart has been stomped on?
    • … not literally stomped on though. But can’t really say because I have no idea.
  • …do you want to kiss right now?
    • Sebastiaan.
  • …are you going to meet tomorrow?
    • No clue! Maybe neighbor’s kittie Betje?
  • …did you sing last infront of?
    • Sebastiaan and Keiko.
  • …did you play the latest game of LoL with?
    • Philip and some randoms.
  • …do you want to bring on a romantic trip?
    • Sebastiaan, and if possible Keiko!
  • …deserves to die?
    • NO ONE deserves to die.
  • …makes you happy?
    • Sebastiaan, my family, my close friends, Keiko.
  • …makes you happy?
    • To be with the one I love. Plus having a little retarded cat does not hurt.
  • …makes you sad?
    • Sometimes the ones I have dear to me…. 
  • ….do you want right now?
    • Curtains. Easily, need to continue decorating our home. Maybe floor instead of curtains? Or a small cupboard to put downstairs? Or… 
  • …are you longing for?
    • Snow.
  • …do you regret the most in your life?
    • My choice of friends during one of the most influential periods of my life. The second one is that I graduated with collected grades and not set.
  • …is the best thing that has happened to you?
    • A LOT!
I think that was it. A lot of questions answered for both myself and you guys (some of the stuff I really had to put thought into).

I have some more random ideas for posts in the future, stay tuned!

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