Let’s call them it… (≖͞_≖̥)

It has not contacted me for months, it waits until I contact it. It brags about how much it misses me, meanwhile it never gives any effort to stay in contact. It never whatsapps me asking for Skype, I have to do it. It doesn’t even whatsapp/message me about how I am feeling or how it is living in the Netherlands.

It is never trying to be interested in my stuff. I write so much to it, it discards it until it has something from itself to share towards me and then I have to be all jillyjolly to it about its things. It makes me think that if stuff does not concern it, it shouldn’t be brought up. I have so much stuff I want to talk to, but I am so afraid that it will discard everything as nothing because it isn’t about it. 

I haven’t been contacted by them for so long now. Unless it is pictures from them, meanwhile my messages, texts and pictures get ignored. One of them is always complaining towards me about that it has to be the one contacting everyone else. But I guess I do not count in that matter…
Sad post is sad.

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