13:th January 2015 (ღˇ◡ˇ)♥ℒᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ♥

This is the special post that I wanted to write before. But it got delayed and delayed because of events in real life. But now it is here!
TL;DR: This will be (mostly) a picture post.

Seb and I got engaged!
From just being friends over the internet five years ago (six with the end of 2015) to being together for three years (four with the end of 2015 – iiiih~) and now… engaged! The journey has been amazing, I love Sebastiaan more every day – if that is even possible. I never knew that I could and would find the man I want to spend and share the rest of my life with in a game… I did not see that one coming at all. It was a hard road trying to get him to notice me (notice me senpai~!!) and when it happen I could not imagine him liking me for who I am or respond to the feelings I harbored for him, nonetheless have the same feelings that I had. But he did and without him I would just be a lazy bum doing nothing with my life. Sebastiaan, you are the one helping me realize my own dreams and you help me become a better person than I was with every day I spend with you. You are really the love of my life (Keiko is on the second spot of course, she is also the love of my life). You don’t understand how much happiness you give me. I hope I can return it through a life-time spent with you. Knowing you for these soon to be six years is making my heart flutter like a butterfly in a summerbreeze. I just love you so much, Sebiboi! ٩(*❛⊰❛)ʓਡ~❤ℒℴѵℯ 

Our engagement dinner
Cooked potatoes, thin pork tenderloin bits, béarnaise sauce, salad with dressing, lit candles and romantic music playing the background. Best evening of my life!

 The rings

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