Happy New Year! ★~(◕﹏◕✿)

I finally gotten myself to writing the post after the Christmas event. It will be a random splurf of lists and non-lists and lists and non-lists etc… Anyway, let’s dive in!

  • We celebrated Christmas together, it was cozy and really nice. 
  • It wasn’t any snow though, which I don’t mind that much, just a little bit. But it was cold so that is a plus!
  • We did not celebrate with Seb’s family.
  • I uploaded one high quality house to The Sims Resource, one unfurnished and one furnished.
  • We got 1/7 Mythic – and soon we got Twins down.
  • New Year’s was beautiful, some neighbors (I think) put money together and made a big and awesome firework display. It kept on going for a long time!
  • My brother bought Diablo 3 and I’ve been playing with him, some at least. It is hard to teach him about the game because it is not a game he would usually play, he spamlevels characters and that is just a tiny part of the game itself.
  • Seb might become guildleader – say what?
  • Also Seb got glasses – woooooh?!
  • We painted one of our black walls, to a lovely warm colour. It was called “rabarber”. 

Well, that was the list part, now time to actually start writing about everything.

We were really late with our gift-shopping, we did it on Christmas Eve (!!) and it was a lot of people doing the same – people here celebrate Christmas at 25th and not 24th like in Sweden. We decided to also celebrate Christmas the 25th because I didn’t want to wrap the gifts and then unwrap them. During my secret-wrapping session I ran out of paper – gasp! – and I decided to rush to the DA to see if they were still open and sold wrapping paper, which they didn’t but they were open to 18.00 – so I went out of the store almost losing hope when I see the kidstore in Makkum being open, I rushed there and THEY HAD WRAPPING PAPER! Shame on the person that give up, so I bought two rolls and hoped they would be enough – which they were, we have one half of a roll left for next Christmas, not throwing away paper I fought for. The wrapping was fun and our Christmas tree stopped being lonely when we put them in under it. It looked so nice so I had to snap pictures. 
The day came and we went about it like a normal day almost, besides less computering. Our Christmas dinner was awesome and the Christmas ham just melted in my mouth – I will actually bump down the normal Christmas ham I usually had with my family to a second place and put the honey marinaded Christmas ham on first spot! I feel like I betrayed some Swedish traditions there, but I live in the Netherlands now and can’t keep up with all the traditions from both countries, I WILL MAKE MY OWN! The day ended with us cozying it up together with Keiko – we both ate until our tummies were about to explode. We had some Christmas ham to the next day, which was yummy too. But it tasted the best when it was warm, because of the marinade – it was at its peak when at heat.
Well, as I said in the list we did not go and celebrate at Seb’s family’s gathering. We both did not feel like it, after the Sinterklaas stuff we were still exhausted from social aspects – plus I did not feel like it, not when it feels like I am a bother to everyone.
I will give you some sneak peaks of my house that I uploaded, only from the furnished point of view though, it looks the most amazing. It took so long to make and furnish, I wanted it perfect – I already decided that my Sim would move in there with her spouse after she gets old and has done her fair share of living. 
Our guild has gotten back up on its feet and Epoch is looking better than ever, but Serebé is having real life issues which hasn’t let him come online for a week now. We are fearing the worst; that he might stop raidleading and have to give up the guild, he has already spoken to Arani about him guildleading but Arani does not want it and pitched in Seb’s name. So in the future, Seb might become the guildleader. I asked around a little bit and pretty much all officers and core-raiders is for it, no one is against it – what I’ve heard/read at least.
New Year’s eve were literally a normal day, nothing changed from the norm with us – just that we went out around 00.00 to look at the fireworks and then we saw it… the most beautiful fireworks display I’ve ever seen, sure it wasn’t as huge as some worldwide cities do but for the neighborhood it was awesome. I think that some of the people living on that street decided to put money together and make a show out of it instead of just popping one there, one there and another one there like how it usually is. It was really beautiful to look at. Some people were using flares too, I think one of those landed right next to us on the street, which made us both jump a little bit and move back – rather not get anything bumping into my head…

Seb got glasses! He went to an optician that checked his eyes and apparently he only had like 30-40% vision on both of his eyes – that explains his head aches and a lot more. He hasn’t had as many head aches after he got glasses, before it was almost every single day.
We decided to paint our walls, we started with the biggest one and it looks so warm and cozy and it lights up the whole room. Now it is just the decision about which wall is going to be the next victim… victim of looking good!
We also bought new decorations, too bad I only got night time shoots of them. It is two plastic but beautiful flowers and a glass candle holder which looks pretty damn awesome put together with the flowers. Plus a lot of red candle holders – like the blue ones I posted about a while back (they were on the shiny plate) and now the red ones has taken over that shiny plate!
Sneak peak of “Harmonée”, for more photos: visit my TSR “Nelaniqt”.
On Tuesday it might be a special post coming up! ★⌒(´ ◕◞౪◟-)

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