Hey guys! ☆~(ゝ。∂)

Long time, no post! I know right, I am a lazy bum. But I haven’t given up on my blog yet! I intend to write whenever I feel like I want to write more or less. So if you keep tracking my blog then you will see random posts pop up. Hihi!

At the moment I am typing this on the night to Christmas Eve, wihoo! We were really late with giftshopping – we are going to do it tomorrow! So late, I know but better late than never. Going to try to keep gifts secret from Seb, we bought wrapping paper for a couple of days ago. So hopefully he can’t get a sneak peak before they are wrapped up and under the tree. We might have to celebrate the Christmas on Thursday instead, we were going to celebrate it today, but seeing the gifts will be wrapped today I rather not wrap them up and then unwrap them again the same day. Plus it isn’t really celebration if we are away for the whole day…

Albert didn’t come today, he will be coming on our next appointment instead, he found no need to take one-two hours discussing only one thing. Which I agree with.

I’ve been doing a lot of Sims 3 houses, here are some samples;

George, a big house with stables and a lot of room for a big family.
Pretty Meredith, a small house with a lot of charm. Perfect for a single Sim or a couple.

I am working on another house, mostly for elderly couples to chill out in after their crazy Sims lives are over. I upload them all to The Sims Resource, get so happy everytime they are approved and published.

Been playing a lot of WoW lately, raiding is fun and the end-game content keeps me playing. But raiding more than three times per week takes its toll and it is starting to make me bored. Hopefully this guild will not turn into a hardcore one in the future… otherwise they might have to look for another healer.

Speaking about the guild, the drama that has been going on was intense as hell, it is over now – finally. But when it was going on the guild was falling apart in a gruesome way. Plus the guildleader wasn’t really helping that much with his “don’t talk back against me or receive this guildkick in your face”-attitude, but he has improved, yay! Childish acts from members in the guild also kept it on its toes up until now. I am glad that we finally got a raiding team we can trust and put our faith in – well, we need two-three more players for a full core group but the rest that are with us are just prime material. Will tell further about the events that unfolded in another post.

Celebrated Sinterklaas a while ago with Seb’s family, was fine and dandy but probably not celebrating Christmas with them all again. I feel like such a sore pimple in their face and it feels like they really do not enjoy talking another language than Dutch so my presence is just bugging them… well, my social problems aren’t really helping either for me at least. Plus I don’t want to celebrate with Seb’s brother at the moment, seeing that he dissed us after we left the party. One thing I hope he does understand is that; sure I’ve been living here for a year, but that does not necessarily mean I speak fluent Dutch or should be speaking fluently… Dutch is a really hard language to learn, seeing I’ve never heard or even tried pronouncing the sounds they use daily. It makes little to no sense for me to use them, but I want to learn Dutch because it is a cool language, but on my own conditions not because I want validation from a random person that was obligated to learn English for so many years in school and can barely speak it.

Well, will make another post with more images and more read after Christmas!
Merry Christmas everyone! 

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