WoW and shizzle ~ヾ(^∇^)

I’ve been playing a lot of WoW lately, the new expansion is really fun!

The #endgamefantasy is real

Maining my druid, I love the healing in WoD, it is challenging and fun. You actually run out of mana if you aren’t careful (I’ve learnt how to let my HoTs – Healing over Time – work their magic instead of spamhealing like how you did it in MoP). Might level a warrior afterwards, like the playstyle!
I also uploaded a few new lots to The Sims Resource, one has been twice for stuck items – used their rigfix and re-exported it, so hopefully it will work this time. I put down a whole day into making that house, so it better be accepted soon! I might have another house idea in my head! So might show something more after sometime. 
Now I will jump back into WoW – just transferred my character back to Outland EU. 
Front side of the house that I worked my butt off on!
Backside on the same house. Love the turqoise details.

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