"Fi" (oT-T)尸

This will be a rant that might not even make sense but just struck me today – this matter infuriates me and I do not have the “writing skills” to not let my opinions be biased. So read on knowing this.

There is a party in Sweden that is called “Fi – Feministiskt Initiativ” – “Feminist initiative” in English and I am all for equality between genders, but this party does not portray said equality. Feminism was the greatest movement in history for females all over the world (in some countries less) but now it is just all about “we need the same rights as men but none of the responsibilites” – it is like all these fancy extremists just decided to join up in one big party and no one can actually see the hipocrisy they are doing propaganda for. But apparently they got 3,1% last voting-period (not enough to get them into the Swedish parlament) but this scared me so much that maybe in four years they are able to get into the parlament and put their extremely (see what I did here?) insane ideas into the suggestionbox. One of the ex-members from Fi once actually said “a woman that sleeps with a man is a traitor to her gender!“. They should rename themselves to “Feminazist initiative“…

Plus they want higher taxes for men…

If I lived in Sweden I would be devastated if they get elected into the parlament because this, THIS party that is supposed to be about equality for both genders are not about said standpoints! They ruin the trust people put into them and they get followers – THIS scares me the most that people can see past their agenda and still believe that they are about equality for all genders and not only for the feminime one.

I do call myself a feminist but I am more of a humanist – seeing I want an equal footing for both genders. I can only see doom in the future for feminism, this cycle will just loop around (of course I hope that this will not happen, but with all the extremists that keeps on adding numbers to their kind of feminazism this is just what I can guess will happen);

  • Women feel oppressed, they start a movement to change it.
  • They get powerhungry and grabs a hold more than they should (present feminazism).
  • Men starts feeling oppressed, they start a movement to change it.
  • Rinse and repeat.

A discussion from 9gag. I read it all through and “madmackz” has pretty much my opinion about the matter written down.
On a side note; it is horrible that a party sprung from fascism and nazi movements got 13% of the votes. I just lost faith in Swedish people, the blatant racism/nazism I’ve seen through my life living there has been endless and now this… bah. I know that where I live there is some extreme racist/nazist parties too, they’ve been elected into the Dutch parlament but nothing has really happened because the majority of the people discussing/deciding matters are against them.

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