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Ok, this will sound weird… very weird. But bear with me. This will sum up the last blog-post I posted (about that I was feeling crap etc) before I start going deeper into reasons/situations/random depressing stuff that has been going on I will just say that this is a major depressing point in my/our lives at the moment and makes us exhausted – anyway, let’s get on with it; the government here clearly states: “if you do not have the power or resources to support yourself, you are eligible for money” which I’ve been given for a couple of months (mainly because Seb can’t pay everything himself, like my health insurance etc). Suddenly a letter from the IND really passive-aggressively demanded that I can not take money from their government because I am an European (so, not from a war-country etc)… plus they added in this small detail which we’ve been worrying about since the letter came; I might be forced to leave the Netherlands.

  • Ok, to go deeper into this. Seb has been supporting me, my health insurance etc, which at first put us in debt because of the little money he got (he got around 600euros), which is minimum and he wasn’t eligible to get the extra money to support another person with, so in another aspect we should have gotten around 900 euros, which probably would not have put us in the debt at all. 
  • When we moved to Makkum we changed government (commune if you want to call it that) and they decided that I need (I was forced – I did say no to the money…) to receive their money in order for us to make it all go round. They also told us that there was no way for me to get kicked out of the country because I have the right for the money.
  • Which was totally wrong. The letter from IND says that I need to be able to support myself with my own kind of job without receiving money that I apparently do not have the right for. Two completely different policies, weird right? Messes up the head pretty damn good.
  • So now I am searching for a job, but with the language barrier (which I got assigned to a school to help me with) and my social anxiety problem isn’t really helping with this. I am limited in choices which I can- and am forced not to be. I know it is for my own good, but I dread the moment I get a social job. 
  • Speaking about the school, I’ve been there once now, because after the first day of embarrassment and humiliation we got the IND letter. Hey, wouldn’t put anyone in the mood to go to school if you are forced to leave the country which makes the language-part almost nullified.

Jumping into a normal post!
This will be randomly written/told/placed, not in chronological order at all.

My darling Sim!
We got our new couch, will add pictures – please, do not mind the black walls, they are going to be repainted into a more fitting, calmer and warmer colour. Our living-room is now boxed in by two couches, which makes the whole room cozier! Our dining table changed place and we added two cute small cactus-plants. 
Keiko is in heat, we will spay her hopefully within this month. I feel sorry for her, she has no idea what is going on around her or with her when it happens. We are showering her in love instead of avoiding her like most other people would do (a yowling cat is an annoying cat apparently even if the cat can’t help it…). She is so intensely cute during her heat though, the cuddles are real!
I made my first EVER fishbone-braid. I think it went pretty fine, even though I usually never do anything special with my hair. It made me have a good “I am cute“-day though, so prepare for some pictures. 
I’ve been playing a lot of Sims 3 lately, Seb bought me Sims 4 but until that unfinished game gets patched I won’t touch it, it was fun for four hours… until all the flaws and limitations just slammed me in the face. I do not recommend anyone to spend the full price on it (70 euros) or even getting it cheaper from another website. Wait until patches or a few expansions are out! I’ve gotten some beautiful shots from the Sims 3 (custom content is the best)!
I have the best boyfriend ever, he has been my mental support and kept me on track, even when I’ve just been wanting to let everything go and take its own course. He keeps me grounded, he keeps me flying and he keeps giving me butterflies in my stomach everytime he kisses me. We’ve been talking a lot about getting engaged, but I want to wait until we can celebrate it with rings, a fine dinner and a lovely afternoon before “getting it over with”. I’ve known this guy for almost 5 years, been together for 3 years soon and I can’t see any reason to why there would ever be a break-up. I want to grow old with him. He is my Prince Charming!

I haven’t drawn that much lately with the pad, but hopefully I can soon enough. I use templates from mangas/real life pictures from artists etc (like Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu) and I got a lot of them – and I always give credits to the people that have made or taken these pictures, I just need to find a way to overcome my weird self and do them!
Alma got me into “Line“, it is kinda like whatsapp but with free phonecalls, coolness and cute stickers! I can’t get enough of it, I turned some of my whatsapp friends into Line, hihi!
I’ve also been doing random pictures of Keiko, as you can see on the two next to this paragraph. The Line camera is funny. She has no idea that I made her into superheroes or princesses. I even made her Batman, which did not turn out so good (at least I hoped it would have turned out better, but it didn’t because I was painting with fingers on my phone-screen).
Plus my Diablo 3 Monk looks freaking amazing! As you can see! Well, that was all from me for now at least! Ciao!

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