Yawnie yawn (´〜`*) zzz

Neighbor’s kitten
Neighbor’s kitten

Yesterday was a serious surprise wake-the-fudge-up event for Seb… Albert came ringing the doorbell at 08.00 in the morning! Seb thought the appointment he had was next week on Wednesday, but apparently it was yesterday morning. So he rushed up, put on his clothes and went down to check who it was ringing the door and it was Albert. I went up too because I was too awake to fall asleep again, so I figured that I just should stay awake for the sake of fixing sleeping pattern correctly. Seb went away and I was alone during the morning, it was the most boring morning I’ve ever had. I had nothing to do and nothing I wanted to do…

Anyway, today there is two new anime episodes, “Tokyo Ghoul” and “Tokyo ESP“, which I am looking forward to watch after Seb is done with his challenge mode-dungeons in World of Warcraft – yes, the little boy started playing it again. I logged on today, a very dark moment in my day, and I did one dungeon, then I was bored again. Been jumping around to different games to play but never really played them, weird feeling today with gaming.

Seb’s mother came for a quick visit today, always delightful.

Also during this day I reorganized our bathroom mirror-shelf. I had nothing else to do than taking pictures of it, so I will post them just for fun. I hid from the mirror though, it was not that hard – I am not that tall…

I did not draw today, because I have no inspiration nor motivation to do it. Will Skype with my father tomorrow and tell him all the news and stuff going on in our lives at the moment.

Our neighbor got a new kitten! He/she is so cute that it is almost killing me. He said hello and made my kittie so playful and excited. It was sooo adorable. I really want another cat, but I don’t know if Keiko would like that. But you never know until you try it, hopefully it can work in a friendly manner or a more neutral “I do not care”-manner. But I probably wouldn’t get a kitten again, rather save a cat from a shelter. Makes the little creature’s life so much better than being locked in a cage and just wait to either die or get adopted. Grown cats usually never get adopted because everyone wants a little kitten… speaking about kittens, I just hope that they will do, the majority down here in The Netherlands, like they are trying to do in Sweden:

Not a single cat or kitten will go for free or a few euros. They will cost as much as a dog/puppy (the race doesn’t matter, so it can be a pure bred or a mix) and with this they hope they will redue the amount of kittens and cats that get abandoned because people get bored with their pets – which I do see as something really retarded and stupid. Do not get an animal if you will not put in the effort, money or dedication to raise it and keep it. They hope that if a kitten/cat will cost as much as a dog, more owners will actually take responsibility for their purchase. Cats and kittens get abandoned every day while dog owners rarely throws their dog out of their home.

I am pretty happy for this change they are trying to do, when I adopted Keiko from her former owner I paid around 50 euros which is a small amount compared to if you buy a dog/puppy. The pure breds usually go a lot higher than mixed which they want to erase from the market: A CAT IS A CAT! I agree with this to 120%.

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