8 to 14… 8 TO 14! 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。

Today me and Seb went to an appointment with Friésland College – the immigrant department. We met a nice teacher that helped me fill out forms and talked generally about how they were teaching people Dutch. I also informed her that I do not do well in groups, I shut down – literally. I can’t think or take in the situation during these panic moments. So hopefully, I won’t have any when I start next Monday/the Monday after next week. Seb is coming with me for the first lesson at least, I will ask if he can come with me for the second one too…

The appointment went fine, during it I was nervous of course, but nothing I couldn’t handle. But now when I think about how many people she said were on the lessons I get stomach pain and I feel nauseated. It is 8 to 14! 8 TO 14 STUDENTS IN ONE CLASSROOM… I get vomit-feelings when I think about walking into the classroom on either one of the Mondays and introduce myself (I guess I will have to) because these people already know basic Dutch – that’s what she said – and I barely know any, I can’t smalltalk… nothing!

I will have two different teachers, the nice lady on Mondays and someone else on Tuesdays – can’t remember if she told us/me his/her name or not. I am looking forward to the classes as a whole – I am there to learn Dutch damn it – with anticipation and anxiety.

I drew another picture today. Keiko and me, in anime format. I used a template from the manga “Nineteen, Twenty-One” but I tried to draw it more personalized. Which might have “failed”, I see too much of the manga in it – but I am proud of it anyway, it is sooooo cute!

Plus you won’t learn if you do not practice with it and I do not feel comfortable drawing while looking at the screen and not where the pen is going under my face. So I guess it is a pretty good start to keep at it, using templates to help build up skill level.

Fake Eye Lashes
Spray Deodorant
Shower stuff
While we were in Sneek we went to McDonalds and to Kruidvat to buy some make-up for me and some shower-stuff. We also went into Xenos, but decided we shouldn’t buy any decorations for our home until we have someone that can drive us back to our place with all the stuff, it is a nuisance to take everything on the bus… We were also thinking about going to another store to check for more stuff we wanted, but we decided to walk fast to catch the bus home (which was a mistake, million of kids on it, screaming and acting like mini monkeys that you just want to punch…)! I am pretty happy with our purchases, so I am going to show them on the blog. When I took photos of it I joked about using it as blogmaterial to Seb, hehe and now I am using them as blogmaterial! This is what we spent money on:
  • Fake eye lashes from Essence, eye-lash glue with it.
  • 2+2 compressed spray-deodorants from Rexona, different smells.
  • Lovely schampoo from Schwarzkopf and body-shower from Nivea.
  • Some knäckebröd-snacks.

I also took some pictures of the canals outside Xenos in Sneek. They are beautiful, next summer I hope Seb and I will hire a boat together and boat around there for a couple of hours.

This is one of the cutest pictures I have ever done, even from the ones I did on canvases and paper. I failed with the fur of Keiko though, but you can see her in it anyway. I see now that I also missed some red colour in the face that I was supposed to remove… bah. Well, you can’t always succeed.

I also got rid of my Facebook. DUNDUNDUDUNNNNNN! Finally! I just decided that I did not need that poisonous crap called Facebook. I keep on getting frustrated that people use it as a diary or a “person” to talk to, every five minutes. Which I rather not be a part of. Plus, now I do not have to check that garbage every day and get nothing out of it. Well, if I need to get a hold of someone there is always whatsapp and normal texting.

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