Finally! ₍₍ ◝(・ω・)◟ ⁾⁾

I finally have the motivation to do this. FINALLY! I know I have been absent from the blog and came back with really lame apologies, but I just haven’t felt like it. I know it is a bad thing of me to say, but it is the truth.

I drew Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu. I fucked up her right cheek though…

Anyway, I will do a small list again of what have happened.

My family came here, which means that I was off the internet for one and a half week straight – checking from phone does not matter. Hehe! Anyway, we didn’t do too much stuff when they were here. We showed them Makkum… nevermind this is how we will do it:

  • They came late on Tuesday 15th, the GPS shut down half way down here – they were driving from Sweden to Holland. So we didnt’ do much this day – besides cleaning (me and Seb that is). Oh yea, we brought in all the stuff – I didn’t agree with this part, it was really late and I didn’t understand why it couldn’t wait until the day after… bah.
  • Wednesday was pretty much a resting day for them, 14-16h in a car… understandable that they didn’t want to do all too much – plus my brother was 24/7 on his cell-phone anyway. We only went for a walk in the evening, we went to the snackbar too!
  • Thursday was a calm day too, we were walking around in Makkum – we rented some bikes too, until Friday night.
  • At Friday we went to the beach, me, Richard, Seb and my papi. We all biked there, it was weird. Seb had no troubles at all, he is a Dutch man, he is born on a bike… we others had some troubles – we usually do not bike around. In the evening we handed in the bikes.
  • Saturday and Sunday we were just walking around in Makkum, we walked towards the beach but it was still in Makkum, and stumbled upon  – pretty amazing houses. It seems we got to a part of our town where richer people lived – we haven’t been to any other side than just this one of Makkum so I do not know if it was the richest part or something else.
  • The rest of the days we spent pretty much just chilling, taking walks, exploring random places: we also went to Bolsward and sat at the tea-garden. It was beautiful!
  • My family left on a Friday, the week after I finally got a new phone (the iPhone I used that Seb gave me has died… well, not literally but the battery is dying – sometimes at 80% it just shut off…)! I finally got a working phone and I find it awesome – I couldn’t stop playing with it for a week first I think and now it feels natural to always have it with me. It is a Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 and I am pretty happy with it.
  • We also got a new TV, Toshiba 40inch LED-TV… it came with my phone – I signed up for a phone subscription for 2 years with Tele2 for 30~ euros per month – the TV was free with the deal! Yay! They even tried to sell a stone-age-phone with a 50inch TV… I wonder how many jumps on that deal just for the TV.
  • The government in Sneek has finally put my wish for learning Dutch in their important basket and they sent an application to a school in Sneek. And already next week we are going to Sneek, on Wednesday, because I have to go to a meeting with a school for evaluation (big step from almost being a NEET to going into school) and then we are going to walk around in Sneek and buy some stuff – clothes, make up etc. Not everyday you get to go to Sneek! 
  • We are also buying a new couch! 3m long, 1,5m deep… ahhh!
This is the couch we are buying!
I will add some photos with captions to explain them. Now… I have nothing else to write about (the last part got done fast and might be weirdly formulated). But hey! It took me three days to compile everything from my memory into a list – some stuff I have missed, because my memory is crap… Anyway; Chuuuu~

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