Meeting tomorrow! ((*゜Д゜)ゞ”

We’ve done some stuff between the previous post and this one;

  • We’ve been exploring Makkum, little by little.
  • I’ve been talking a lot with my family back and forth about the plans; they are coming down here next week, they will arrive Monday evening.
  • My father got whatsapp, finally! I can contact him without having to ask my brother to tell him to get on Skype, or if it is just something small I can text it for free to him.
  • We celebrated Gina’s birthday, it was really cozy and we sat outside in the sunny wheather. Sometimes it turned cold though, lucky us we had a fireplace to keep us warm!

At Gina’s place, celebrating her birthday!

We got a meeting tomorrow with the government for our part of The Netherlands, we’re going there really early, so I write this before we’re going to bed. Hihi! Well, I hope it will go well, probably will – Albert (someone that helps us with our finances at the moment) is coming with us.

I’ve made one drawing with my drawing pad so far, it is a tribute to a manga that I read “Suki-tte li na yo“, it is really good and I’m recommending it for anyone that is a softy for “hard-to-approach-girls-that-gets-softened-up-by-popular-guy-while-fighting-complexes-while-tackling-‘adult’-life-and-expectations-put-on-them“, kinda like “Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun“. I just made it more personal with that the characters are actually me and Seb, in the picture/drawing that is. I coloured it and tried my best to make it look like a natural picture that would be in the manga. It is nice to have references!

Seb&Nela – inspiration taken from a popular manga, only personalized.

On Saturday we’re going into the city to buy some groceries, mostly to prepare for my family next weekend. They’ll be coming on Monday the 7th July and they will stay until 14th July, so Monday to Monday! I’m a little bit nervous, just a tiny bit. Haven’t seen them for a long time!

We will be doing a lot of fun stuff with them, hopefully my grandmother can come with them, she has guests over at the moment and she doesn’t know when they will leave, it is rude to just ask “when are you leaving?”. So I hope!

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