Drawing pad, time to draw all day! (★^O^★)

Seb and I were talking about a new computer-mouse for me and at the same time, we were checking out some drawing tablets, now after we’ve done that I feel that I need it, so much. I would love to have one, especially the one we were looking at. The deal between me and Seb is that if I get a drawing pad – he will get a second monitor; which is completely ok with me, I don’t mind, he will use it all the time most likely.

I don’t know which one I want between a Wacom- or a Trust-tablet, I’ve checked some reviews (on YouTube) and people say that Wacom’s tablets are a little bit better than Trust-tablets. Which I wouldn’t know either way without people telling me it. 
Intuos Pen – 152 x 95 mm in Active Area – Resolution 2540 LPI 
Trust Slimline Widescreen Tablet – 255 x 160 mm in Active Area – Resolution 2000 LPI 

Just which one should I choose in the end. The Intuous one is way more style-clean, but it is also smaller than the Trust Slimline, but that one has lower resolution than the Intuous one… Such a hard choice. In the end it will probably be a price-choice. I’d be happy with either one anyway!

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