Family coming! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

We celebrated Swedish midsummer here, in our Dutch home – me and Seb. We got fresh potatoes, sour cream with allium and a home-made mustard herring – it was pretty terrible though, the sauce was really good but we used sour herring – which wasn’t intended, stupid Jumbo didn’t have anything else than sour herring. But it was nice anyway, well, not the herring… We took a walk today, in the evening, late evening when it was pretty dark. It was really nice and refreshing, it took away my slowly incoming headache. We walked in a pretty fast pace – workout for the legs! I could feel that it actually did something, it was burning in my calves – which was a good feeling!

We’re going to take a whole week of just drinking water, no more soda/lemonade/juice etc. Just water to rinse our systems. Plus I’ve decided we’re going to include a lot of vegetables during our dishes, we might not have to cut down on stuff that we actually like eating, potatoes/pasta/rice, if we keep it in a healthy dose. We also have stopped eating until we are really full, we only eat what we need and what satisfies us without making our tummies hurt by eating too much. It is a good deal for both of us! Well, Seb doesn’t need to lose weight, he really doesn’t. But I do… A lot of it.

I got good news! My family will be visiting us in three weeks, the 14th July to 21th July! Grandma, father and little brother is coming, my uncle couldn’t make it – he works that week, he is a taxidriver. He has his vacation one week before my father, so they couldn’t time it. They are going by car to us, I forgot to Skype him today to ask if he already booked the ferry-rides throughout Denmark. Will have to do it tomorrow.

I have already planned a lot of stuff for us to do, like renting a boat for 2h and going through Bolsward canals, maybe making some stops throughout the path to go to some stores etc. We also might take a day to go to Amsterdam, I’ve lived here since August and I’ve never gone there so it will be really cool!

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