Hidden tiger, crouching dragon! (´⊙ω⊙`)!

Late post again… Sorry I am so horrible at keeping blogposts up, basically I’ve been doing other stuff that takes my mind off blogging. But I promise to be better, again!

Gomennasai! Het spijt me zo! Förlåt mig! I am so sorry!
Update about stuff going on in everyday life:
  • We’re getting more money from the “government”.
  • Seb and I decided to have one hour per day where he only speaks Dutch towards me and I try to answer back or understand at least.
  • Our plants are dead, you can not have a cat and plants at the same time! But my outdoor plants are living, forever and ever!
  • I forgot to vote for both of the countries, Sweden and The Netherlands, towards the EU. Didn’t even know that the last Sunday was the vote-day… 
  • I’ve been ill for a long time now, so has Seb. We keep on infecting each other.
  • We’re getting help from the man from earlier appointments, he is pretty cool. Always nice with help with anything. The thing is we could do it ourselves, but if the offer is there and the decisions we have to make about the matter itself is weighing on us, why not take the chance to get help with it?
  • We’re planning on a vacation, only me and Seb, a one up to three-nights stay in a hotel/B&B (etc) and a couple of places to visit are in our heads. We’re looking at hotels from time to time, but hasn’t been decided yet if it will happen this, next or any other month in the future yet.
I can’t come up with anything more. So I will fill in some “information” about me you might not know. Well, you guys are on the Internet anyway so might not even know anything about me. I will have to do a presentation or something along with the blog, will see if I can create anything good. But here is a list with ten secrets you might not know about me (with or without an explaination next to it):
  • When I was younger I loved horses, then I finally got the chance to be in a stable… Never gotten close to one again.
  • I had a hard time learning Swedish (my mother-language) when I was younger, it took a lot of time for me to be able to sound out some words, like; “tjock”, “dusch” and other words with a “tj/sch/sj/etc” sound. 
  • I make Sims-families, play them for a day and then leave them to make a new family. I get bored easily if the events I’ve planned out for them progress too fast.
  • I have a weird situation regarding my own face, I really like how it looks from my right side, but from my left side everything is so “edgy”. Like my mouth-corner is just like a line when I smile while on the other side it is curved or my nose has a bony feature in the middle of the nose from the left side, but on the right side it is just smooth and in a line.
  • I flinch when people do hasty movements towards me, like lifting up their hand pretty quick close to me or moving towards me in a manner where I consider it aggressive. I’ve stopped flinching from Seb’s movements at least, yay!
  • When I argue with people I get tears in my eyes. A calm discussion I can handle but when people start to raise voices or if I have to explain something which the person don’t understand I immediately tear up, for no reason whatsoever. It is pretty annoying and I don’t know how to fix it. Sometimes when I explain stuff I raise my voice and even that tears me up…
  • I panic if someone chases me – even if it just a play-chase.
  • Yells or shouts puts me on-guard and I get rapid heart-beats if it happens close to me or if it is pointed at me.
  • I try so hard to be and sound antiracist that I find myself sometimes being racist without the things I’m writing, talking or thinking being so.
  • I never tried to have my own personality – nor did I have my own opinion – when I went to high-school, I was a follower and kept on being on until I met my current friends in the gymnasium I went to.
Well, that is all I guess, for now at least. I will keep in touch with you guys, hopefully more frequently. 

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