Some house pictures! 〜(^∇^〜)

Going to Gina tomorrow for Mother’s Day. Going to bed early today, I really need to get rid of our bad sleeping-schedule… Well, at least mine. Mine is worse than Seb’s.

I was thinking about uploading pictures from our new house, and here we go!

I love our new house, it is awesome. I have more pictures, but these are enough for today.
Apparently the social employment here decided that I am obligated to receive money even though I have a chance to get kicked out of the country. We’re living in a fairly expensive house and they calculated that the money Seb gets from them is not enough to pay for both of us. I do think I have some years until the IND (immigration service here in the Netherlands) will “come” for me, but there is another matter at hand that is also a little bit weird: the social employment office tells us that it is obligated on my part to receive money, then I’ve been obligated from August already to receive it (if you think about it), but I’ve never gotten anything. The amount leads up to 8000 euro, which would greatly help us. I hope we can make a minor problem out of it without the IND coming to investigate me staying in The Netherlands. So we’re going to talk to our debt retructuring-dude (we’re also going to check if we take away the CSN – school loan – from Seb’s side if our debts are too small to go through with it, seeing that every 10 years you can do it and we really do not want to waste it on something small). With this, this month we’re getting 1400-1600 euro because of it and a note to the IND will be sent…

Anyway, over to happier news; We want to get engaged! We’ve been talking about our future – and it all lead up to that we can’t see ourselves parting from each other at all (at least right now, and we’re going to live in the moment, not in “what if’s”) and we like us together… and as they say “if you like it, you should put a ring on it”. I am so happy being with Seb, I’ve never been this happy… well, maybe when I was a younger child – what didn’t bring you happiness back then?

Keiko has lost all of her winter-fur (for an in-door cat it was A LOT) and she is smooth and silky all over again. She is our little precious gem-stone, even if she bugs us sometimes. But what cat doesn’t?

Taking Dutch lessons from Seb and gotten to the point where we are doing verbs and adjectives. Hopefully some of it will get stuck. I still have a hard time with the “G’s” in Dutch, but working on them!

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