Really? (#¬д¬)

There was a guy here today that checked our security so it was up to par (gas, central heater etc). He fixed some stuff and also broke our fridge… Such an unpleasant fellow, he really had the worst first impression for me. His tone while he was talking was horrible.

Anyway after hard work for half of the day we got it to work again. It was a really frustrating thing to happen. While he was here we told him about it and… He started defending himself that it had nothing to do with him. Of course not! Because that would take more of his time to fix it. Horrible, seriously horrible.
Talked with papa today, that made up for it.
Had pretty fun with Seb, playing a lot of different games. Slowly moving back to LoL, he got me a wonderful skin for Syndra. It was beautiful!
Tomorrow we got to do some cleaning, vacuuming – laundry – swab the floor a little bit – dishes and maybe windows. Will be a productive day, I just hope it’s nice weather so I can hang the laundry outside. 

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