Social interaction ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

I had my social interaction for today, I sat out on the balcony (with my pretty flowers, while I was smoking) and the neighbor’s cat were visiting me on my side. The neighbor (don’t know his name yet, I do know he plays LoL, has a pretty girlfriend and has an adorable kittie) came walking up after fetching his garbage-can and said hello and something else in Dutch. I told him I couldn’t speak Dutch yet which when he heard he immediately switched to English and we talked for a while about his kittie. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, would not mind inviting him for a cup of coffee/tea. Need to discuss this with Seb though, we might hit it off and have some kind of friendship status than just “I know how he looks and he lives next to me” and vice versa for him.

Been trying to find some kind of job down here, at the moment I just need to focus on learning Dutch, looked up a college in Bolsward which made me wonder if I could contact them about the matter. Might have to do it myself instead of asking Seb to do it, to show my frontfeet and show them I am not afraid to ask for it myself. Which is always a positive thing to show people overall…

We ate such a good dinner today, chicken drumsticks with tomatoes, cucumber, some chippies and banana/strawberry milk. So gooooood!

Might upload pictures later on when I am at the computer. Need to show off our new house of course!

I am trying to get Diablo 3 for my sister, so we could keep contact with playing the game – makes sense for me at least. It will be somewhere in the future hopefully, I just need to talk her into it. She finds Diablo meh from what I’ve gathered.

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