Early pregnancies… What? ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

Keiko wasn’t getting into heat, she shows no signs of it today. Faulty prediction I guess, but it will surely come up soon.

Today we have nothing to do and nowhere to be. Feels pretty cool, it will be a chill day. Just for relaxing and having fun. Yesterday we were at Gina’s house and I got my hands on internet to contact my family. It was nice, too bad my father is not a typist.

We found an unlocked internet source, not the best signal nor speed but it will work until we get our own intrawebs. The only thing we’re doing with it is watching Seananners anyway.

One old classmate from my high school apparently have a child/two children (…) and that surprises me so much. What is up with turning 20-22 and having nothing else to do than plopping out a child? I hope that every person like that at least landed a working boyfriend so the child can have something, seeing I don’t think people care enough about being able to support if before they get one mean money eating machine. A lot of early pregnancies are evidence of this…

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