Appointment (((( ;°Д°))))

Today we went to the Gemeente Sùdwest Fryslán. We had an appointment for social money and the lady that had our appointment was gonna check up if I had the right for money which according to article 33 (something) I had, if that is true then I’ve lived here for eight months without getting any. But it seems so weird seeing that it is the same rules as in Sweden; you have to live five years in the country itself until you receive your rights for money from the social establishment. Not getting any kind of hope up…

Got my period today… Yay. The pain comes in short stabs, but they are intense.

We’ve started to eat healthier, fixing some sort of diet and then we’re going to focus on losing weight.

We’re getting a couch! Gina and Frans bought a new one and asked if we wanted theirs. We obviously said yes!

Soon it’s my birthday. I wonder how we will celebrate it.

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