Learning Dutch and stuff! ー( ̄~ ̄)ξ

Today is a nice and sunny day, it is awesome! Almost every tree is green now, which put colours back into the world. I like it better than having sunny and cold days without leaves on the trees. The spring is finally starting to show!

I have a suspicion about Keiko, she might be peeing/pooping outside of the litter-box, but I have no sense of smell so I have to wait for Seb to come down and use his super nose. I might be wrong but the litter-box seemed unused during the night – so my alarm bell might be off. We have crystal litter which can stay good for a month if you just take out the doodoo and then whirl it around so the pee-crystals can explode. I hope Keiko hasn’t done anything, but I can’t be certain about it yet.

The house looks more and more like ours, we put up plastic covers for the windows a couple of days ago which already made it so much better. Now our neighbor can’t look into our living-room and people outside can’t stare in through the balcony door glass.

On Thursday we/Seb (don’t know if I have to come yet) has an appointment with the “government”/community hall. We will see how that turns out.

I’m taking Dutch lessons from Seb, we went over pronunciation and some grammar. Today we’re going over:

  • past tense
  • colours
  • simple sentences
  • alphabet
  • numbers and dates
I will probably be able to write Dutch better than I can talk it. The “G” sounds I will probably not be able to learn, it is practically the same sound as the “R” in småländska – an accent in Swedish – and I can’t even do those even though I lived in that landscape that speaks in that accent my whole life. If I have problems with my mother-language (I had to go to a speech pedagogue when I was smaller too…) then I probably will have troubles with Dutch. But I will try harder, even though Seb advices me to do soft “G”s -simpler for me.
Might update later on the day, only morning here at the moment.
Edit; Keiko didn’t pee or poo anywhere. I think she held it in over the night for some reason… 

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