It hurts (இ﹏இ`。)

Today is a weird day, my tummy hurts because of incoming period. week and my butt is bananas… I’m having a really bad tummy day.

We are looking for some stuff that might be in Makkum, perhaps a gym. Seb has a goal to be able to fit in his old jeans and I have a lot of small goals to reach before I get to my end goal. I don’t want to say my goals because they are pretty small and petty; they grow bigger with time! We’re also thinking about a healthy diet that is also good for the taste buds.

We’re going to eat lasagna today, that we make on our own. Yay! It’s so good to eat.

Edit; we didn’t eat lasagna. We ate spiced potatoes, sate meatballs and Swedish brown sauce/gravy.

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