Chiling and crilling (。ゝ∀・)b

Seb just answered a call for me from the community house people, I do not have the rights for money so we don’t see why they’re wanting me to do stuff for it when I can’t even profit the same way other people do (they wanted me to come in for a group where young people with no jobs go to, but hey I can’t even talk Dutch remotely good yet). So they hung up after Seb told them that I really have to live here for five years until I got the right for money… 

On the other hand, we received the money from Carex – YAY! Took some time but we got it. 
We’re going to the store later, for some groceries and bapao! It is nice having a supermarket for once, in Reduzum we only had a small and pretty expensive butchery that sold common items.
Well, I’ll keep on updating! Ciaoooooo…

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