I said tomorrow… (シ_ _)シ

I said in a former blog-post “pictures tomorrow, look forward to it” and I didn’t upload anything for a long while. I am so sorry! Been busy with other stuff, I have my period for example and Seb has been a real Sir Lancelot for me, seriously – all the tummy rubs, cooking and all the extreme care-taking (he does it every time though, so I should get used to it, but I can’t, it is too kind) has been wonderful. He is really one of a kind.

Well, anyway, we looked at the house. We are extremely happy with it, it is a big upgrade! Really big. A lot of space, two stairs (Keiko will exercise as hell), a big bathroom, a nice attic/”upper floor” (we will put the bedroom there to save up more space for ourselves), a hobby room which is the technical bedroom and an open kitchen with space for living-room AND our dining table my dad sent over from Sweden – I’ve missed having a dining table, I really have. The only problem (not as much of a problem, just an inconvenience) we got with the house-viewing is that the former owner has painted some walls black, in the future we will obviously paint it over – we’re going to live there a long time, I hope because I love it – but we might keep one wall black for making different shapes on it, like butterflies – sparrows – trees with branches etc. Whatever the creativity tells us to do. I know you can buy templates for it, but I rather do it myself – would be fun and I can finally do something nice that will look good (I remember our bed-curtains in Sweden, I didn’t do my best with them but I still liked them of course! I can finally redeem myself). Plus another inconvenience is that our stove is too big for the space where it is supposed to be. The space is 55cm and a normal stove is around 60, yay. We’re going to have to figure out how to make everything work.

We’ve been playing a lot of World of Warcraft recently, it has been a lot of fun with Seb – I just love spending
my everyday life with him. I don’t need much, the coziness of being together is enough.

 I uploaded just a few pictures, it will feel too cluttered if I do all of them!

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