The big update ( ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ)

Well, this is what has been going on (I’ll post it in a list, each and one of them is on the same place as the former post):

  • We got the house from Makkum some weeks ago, but the former owner did not turn in the keys before our appointment. So it was a manhunt for Elkien to find him. Seb and I were really pissed off over this, you get a deadline for A REASON. Anyway, anger aside; they contacted us and told us that we have an appointment – tomorrow – for the keys because they found the guy, they also told us that the house was NOT empty as the former owner said to us (even more annoyance) but Elkien said that they would deal with it and empty it for us. So we’re going to Sneek for an appointment where we sign the contracts and get the keys, then Seb’s mom will pick us up and drive us to Makkum. We’re going to check if we have to paint any walls before we lay the floor. I am so excited. We can’t get the floor until we now the measurements of the rooms, we’re going to have our bedroom in the “attic”, which seriously looks like an upper floor (stairs up to it, usually it is ladders up to attics…), the bedroom on the lower floor will be our hobby-room (for computers etc) and then there is an open kitchen-living-room, obviously we’re going to have a dining corner and living room in one. I will take pictures tomorrow to upload.
  • It was heartbreaking, Nick had to go back to America and leave Wendy here. I felt so sad for their sake, I wanted to bake a cake to say goodbye before they had to go, but it didn’t happen. I forgot – yay memory yay! We talked with Wendy afterwards (we ate dinner with Wendy last Saturday, chicken teriyaki, mmmmmm) and they are going to try to make it work. I am rooting for them! Best neighbors out there.
  • When we get to Makkum, moved in and everything. First of all, I will make a fertility-test… I might be sterile, the only time I have a period is on birth-control pills. Which means that maybe in the future I can’t plop out a baby. It saddens me and I’ve almost cried because of it, but I’ve sucked it up because it doesn’t only suck for me if it is like it might be, but it also sucks for Seb… No Sebastiaan Jr or Daniela Jr for us.
  • Speaking about fertility, my oldest sister is baby-booming, it is another one on the way out! Kalle will get a little brother! I, myself, wouldn’t want to know the gender of the child before it is born (takes away all the surprise and magic). But I’m glad for her! After that she is insisting on that it will not come any more babies – we’ll see about that, hihi.  
  • It is spring-summer time here already. It switches off from rain and fog to sunshine and warmth – the Dutch summer, I’ve been told. We’ve been sitting outside everyday it has been sun and inside every time it is a little bit worse. Well, not today: We went into Leeuwarden to get some groceries, windy and cloudy weather…
  • Keiko has always been cute, no clarification here.
  • I’ve finally found something that I can earn money with down here – without having to learn Dutch fully. I’m freelancing translation-work! I had my first job for Ben (MyJobEurope) and I translated English to Swedish: It was template-emails for a site. Around 21 emails got translated! After I turned it in and he released the payment+milestone, he told me that he might consider hiring me again, WIEEEEE!
  • I am playing WoW again… But now it is for FUN and not something I do every day, every minute. I’m playing with social and fun people (Seb included) so it isn’t like a drag for me.
Well, that was all. I was thinking about putting in some pictures to lighten the mood, but it might screw up the list… 

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