New house sooooon! o(〃^▽^〃)o

On Tuesday we are off to Sneek to get the keys, then to Makkum to check out our house! To see if we have to paint or fix stuff before we move in. Then we are going to check for floor. Wiho!
I did my first freelance job, translating English to Swedish and I earned 15~ euro. Not much, but that was what I bid for the project.
I made some “goodbye”-pictures from Reduzum, wanted more locations but we were on our way home. 
We went grocery shopping today and got some light stuff to eat, not much freezer stuff – seeing the fridge/freezer won’t work when we move it.
We are hopefully moving in before the first April. Most definitely.
We watched Rango today, still awesome movie. Johnny Depp lent out his voice for the chameleon, the rattlesnake had a really nice and deep voice though. Perfect for a villain-like character.

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