Tuesday is Blues-day! ( ˘▽˘)っ♨


I got to know my oldest sister is expecting another child, another son, and it will plop out around June. I am happy for her!

We haven’t gotten any news yet about the house, but Seb called in to ask them when we would and they told him/us that we will get accepted or denied when they get the keys to the house from the former owner! I am nervous about it, I really want the house…

We finally got freeze-boxes last time we went into Leeuwarden – which means that we can freeze in leftovers instead of either putting them in the fridge or throwing them away. Green, pink and blue. Obviously blue is the best.

I haven’t been drinking coffee at all lately, for months. So I took a cup of coffee today to overcome my tiredness – still doesn’t help, even though I am not used to caffeine… Still tired. Anyway, missed the taste but it isn’t like I need it everyday. Or maybe I will do in the future? I drank coffee a lot before, now I’ve kinda stopped and I do notice I sleep way better, as in I have better sleep – not longer nor falling asleep earlier etc, I just get a good night sleep and it actually feels like I’ve slept.

I made an account on the Freelancer.com site and I made my first two bids on two projects practically the same – not at all… One is to translate four English e-mails into any kind of language you are native in and they had Swedish on the list “hey! I am Swedish!” and the second project is to be a forum-user where you get monthly prizes/benefits. They didn’t put anything in the description but I guess it is almost like being a forum-helper. A person that helps other people to come to conclusions with their whatever-problems and how to fix them. But they did mention something about evolve and thrive in your writing-abilities (expand them) so I guess I might be doing articles soon enough on various things.

I entertained myself with putting a chicken-meat-strip on the corner of our computer table and watched our Keiko stretch to get it. The pictures is related to that.

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