Today is not Thursday… щ(゜ロ゜щ)

I thought today was Thursday, it is apparently Friday. What? But… what? I really… now when I think about it is, of course, Friday. But it doesn’t feel like a Friday. At all. So weird. I am so confused.

We slept for so long last night, had to make up for the none-good-sleep the night before that. Had a cloud in my head the whole day with sprung out into full headache at the late afternoon. Which sucked. I took an Ibuprofen though and now it is gone.

We did the dishes today and vacuumed. Was very much indeed needed.

Been playing Hearthstone casually – I am not that high level with any of my card decks. The highest I am is 16 with my priest. Been playing druid lately, which means that I am learning it!

Anyway, weird day. Really weird.

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