Really amazing evening! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

We slept over at Seb’s sister last night, it was really unexpected. Missing buses because we ate dinner there, getting our neighbors to climb up to the balcony and take care of our cat and then sleep in a cold-ass room which made us sleep bad (it wasn’t that bad after Seb and I warmed it up for each other, but when you removed the blanket… Jesus). Also what I said in an earlier post was not completely wrong. I do feel like a third wheel, but I put myself out there a little bit more and tried to become more social which meant more English speaking and subjects I could take a part of.

We hurried into Leeuwarden in the morning, went up at 07.00 to catch early bus and train, got in there, got our papers from the city hall (paid for them too…), went to Carex and got them to sign the paper Elkien needed and then off to Elkien to leave it to them. It was a lot of walking, a lot. We ate at McDonalds though, so still happy!

We went to Wendy’s goodbye/birthday-party for Nick and it was really fun! I opened myself up to them (during a kinda serious discussion) and it felt good, I think I tried to joke it away as much as possible because I got tears in my eyes but I am happy that they even let me do it. I usually don’t like to bring it up, but I felt like they could understand me and still accept me. Seb does, he accepts the full-broken-boring-funny-tired-hyper-me so why not put my trust into some other really good people that both makes me feel that it is genuine friendship between us and that I can stay during thick and thin times for them?

Well, I would have some pictures to upload, but can’t be arsed hauling out the phone to transfer. Sorry, will be tomorrow or some other day! Hopefully and probably very soon.

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