Fast update before I leave ( ✪͡ ◡͐✪͡ )ノ”

Going to Seb’s sister, Francisca, to say hello and have a good time. Not staying too long, I feel like a minor third wheel during those meetings. I have barely anything that I can talk about that would interest both of them, Seb and Francisca, which means that they mostly speak Dutch in my company… Which means that I am a minor third wheel. But I will go anyway, might be nice – pretty horrible to think negatively when it is regarding your boyfriend’s family. I will try to be more social!

Keiko is such a long cat, she is laying on my drawing/paint-table and she has made herself so long that it is like a line over it, with cat ears.

Well, tomorrow we are hitting Leeuwarden to get some more papers for the house. We are going to the town-hall, Carex (the help organisation) and then Elkien to turn in all papers, lucky us we don’t need to travel all the way to Sneek to get the papers over to them.

Hopefully we can move in before the 20th March, which is ideal for us. Only have to pay for the days we live here to Carex, not for the whole month. Which means we can move in as soon as we have painted walls (if it is needed), laid down floor and got the furniture over. We are still looking for a couch, hopefully a corner couch – would be the best. We both want one, pretty badly.

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