I need the house now! (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)♥

Went to a meeting today with Elkien about the Makkum house we were in queue for. We have it 90%. He was just really confused about how to deal with my papers, seeing I had no income in Holland during 2012 – I wasn’t even living here then. He also needed a paper from Carex and a paper about where we have lived before. Which isn’t that hard to get, we will try to get it to him as soon as possible.

Remembered today again that we forgot to send away my sister’s Christmas gift, which we really need to get sent to her. I really need to remember stamp and envelope when we are in the bigger city/village-places where they have post offices.

Got some nice groceries today and some…. LUNCH/FREEZE BOXES. YAY! We have stored lasagna now in one, that is blue. Amazing right? We also got some cat-candy for Keiko which she really loved – strips of meat. We bought shampoo too, when we were in Sneek today – meeting was in Sneek. Pretty place, water-city for the win!

I am so excited to move, it is a tourist-city so I can probably have it easier to get a job where I am not required to speak fluent Dutch – but that is my priority at the moment, find a place/way to learn the language. Either by contacting the commune or get help from the financial-helpers that helps with a lot of stuff – not only your finances. They were bugging Seb a lot though about some old issues, which he didn’t like. But you can’t just be rude and tell someone off that is trying to help you even if they are repeating something over and over again…

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