Late post; Valentine’s Day & more! ♥~(‘▽^人)

Our Valentine’s Day-reservation, we are a family!

Well, I felt it was time for me to finally make a new blog post. Yes, I know that I have been very slacky on that part. My bad. Will obviously continue the blog even though it might be some time between posts!

We all know it has been Valentine’s Day and it’s over, sorry for the really late post about the heart-goo we had.

Anyway, we celebrated it with a fancy dinner at a new restaurant in Wirdum (been spelling that wrong in every other blog post I’ve written where I’ve mentioned the village). I put on my fancy clothes and did this fancy makeup to go with it… Seb would look handsome even if he went with the dirtiest clothes out there. But he didn’t, he had this nice cardigan with a thin “hoodie” under and his new jeans.

When we got to the restaurant “Hotel Duhoux” we got seated at a table, with a note of the reservation-holders “Fam Sebastiaan v/d Meer”, so cute! We are a family indeed. I consider Seb my family at least. We ordered “Ossenstaartsoep” (oxe-soup) and tomato-soup with pesto for our appetizers. It was so good, I got the oxe-soup while Seb got the tomato-soup. My soup was a little bit strong if you ate it in big spoons, so I sat there for almost half an hour sipping away. Well, I also ate it slow because I didn’t want to get full.

The appetizers

While we were waiting for the main dish we went to their smoking-room, I really needed a smoke because the wait would be long (I thought). But I finished and pretty much directly afterwards our food was brought out to us. I ordered: “Tournedo met en garnituur van knoflook, gebakken spekjes, paprika, kastanjechampignon’s afgeblust met beerenburg” (beef tenderloin garnished with garlic, fried bacon, peppers, chestnut mushroom and finished with beerenburg – Fries alcohol) and Seb received his order: “Varkenshaas met Fryske mosterdsause” (pork tenderloin with Fries mustard-sauce). It was amazing food, the service had high quality and I could easily see myself revisiting.

The maindish

 After that we went home and had a really cozy evening. It was perfect. My first time eating out during Valentine’s… Thank you Seb for  making  me experience so many firsts and so many amazing things!

 The day after that we ate at Seb’s mom’s place, we had a fun evening with card-games and a game called “Don’t get annoyed, dude!”.  It was funny, Seb won once – hooray! I kept on getting my game-pieces puffed back into my home-base.


We finally have a new house coming up. We’re going to visit on Saturday to look inside, we have to get a hold of the owner first though, but that is the only day Seb’s mom can drive us there – pretty far away from us. It is in Makkum, it lays pretty central, close to a beach and it is a little bit bigger than what we got now. This house is supposed to be demolished 2015 (thank you Carex, your nice organisation helped us be put on on our feet) but we started looking for houses earlier than what the time-limit suggests. I just don’t want to stand here when the last letter comes in and we have nowhere to go. Moving all over Netherlands, hohoho! I just hope we both like it when we see it. The meeting is on the 24th of February with Elkien (the company that rents the house away) and I hope we get the papers from the post before that date. But hopefully they are reasonable if they don’t – they do have the right to decline you the house if you do not have the important papers with you.

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