☆*:.。. o(◕ヮ◕)o .。.:*☆ hello!

https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/smVBW9ddlbg&source=udsToday is a nice day, the sun is shining – still miss the snow. A winter without snow, it is so weird but I am getting used to it – I will live in the Netherlands for a long period.

Been stuck in Japanese music for a long time, can’t wait until I understand the language good enough so I can actually sing with it! It sounds like an anime intro! Still awesome!

I am supposed to do laundry today, but my body feels weird, just like yesterday. Like it feels so heavy and I feel so tired, even though I sleep one hour more now – than Seb at least.

Gonna cook spaghetti with meatsauce today, with some chopped up tomato and mushrooms.

Saw the latest episode of The Walking Dead yesterday, so amazing – too amazing. I love how they turned into the personal aspect now, seeing it is the aftermath from them having to escape the prison. The ray of light in Michonne’s face when she found Rick and Carl was just pure joy for me and Seb. Seriously, if they off Rick (the show is about Rick, so I hardly doubt it) we would probably stop watching, it is not the same without the leading drive. Then again, I really do not get the Darryl-hype, he is an expendable character, if they offed him the show would STILL go the way it is going at the moment, if they offed Rick it would shut down… Sure, Darryl is a bad ass, but what isn’t Rick then?

Cut my thumb during dishes, so didn’t want to shower because every time something touched my thumb – even if it is just water – it’s throbbing like crazy… But I will try today before Seb comes home, otherwise he will have to help me rinse out my hair. But he said he would, such a wonderful person I have landed!

Might have missed the garbage disposal times, I saw a truck at 9.30 – usually they empty them around 13.00 so I got a little bit freaked out. I will stalk down Nick – neighbor under us (Wendy is at school) – and see when he takes out his garbage can, then I will sneak out and do the same.

Will try to practice putting on fake eyelashes today or tomorrow. I want to look pretty on our Valentine’s dinner. ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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