Get up & Dance! \(._.\) ƪ(‘-’ ƪ)(ʃ ‘-’)ʃ (/._.)/

We took down our Christmas tree today, finally! We polished up the place afterwards and it turned out that we have a lot of space again in the living-room. Which is weird, I kinda miss the tree. It was homely.

Tomorrow we had an appointment with someone that would help us with finances and stuff (mostly health insurance advice) but they cancelled it because the woman that was going to come turned out to be ill – she contacted Seb (which I respect, someone that actually sends a heads-up instead of just not showing up and later on sending an e-mail to apologize).

Been having good days in League of Legends, had a win-streak in my match made games, woho! ARAM (All Random All Mid) though – but still, it is a nice achievement if I can call it that.

Seb is not feeling well, usually we are already in bed (the clock is 23.23) but he is having stomach problems, diarrhea and stuff.

We ate a nice dinner today, mashed potatoes (spiced) with some nice marinaded meat. Then in the evening we watched “Alpha and Omega” – really good movie, feel-good as hell though. Kinda sad sometimes, but which movie isn’t. By the way, it was animated.

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