Bad and good, you can’t take only one (*´ω`)o

I just got confronted by Seb about the hot-topics in my blog; Him, Keiko and normal daily life. Hahaha, well, it isn’t like I haven’t anything to write about, it is just those are my loves, big or small!

Soon Valentine’s Day, I guess you guys have a lot of plans – we do too! We will go to a medium-big restaurant in Wirduum (I’ve talked about this before, it is old school interior). I can’t wait to see what kind of food you can order there. Then we might get home to a cozy evening, with just us two (and of course Keiko).

I still want a goddamn window farm, I signed up to get an e-mail whenever they started shipping internationally and not only in the US. But haven’t gotten anything, at all. I am almost losing hope!

Yesterday was a very weird day, full out war on Facebook between my father and my sister. I really don’t know why she keeps on riling him up while he is drunk – a general rule is that when people are drunk they are not easy to handle and my father is not an exception. I know where the buttons are but I rather not push them when he is drunk, because when you start going against him he can never get up from it – and it all ends in pain and not at all any kind glory. I had a minor discussion about it with her today, we ended it on good terms – wasn’t any bad terms in it, just two people’s opinions displayed and understood/thought through. I haven’t contacted my father, mostly because I know he needs his time to cool off and I rather not have a random talk where he talks behind everyone’s and anyone’s back… My father is a weird dude, but hey – family, what to do about it?

We are going to watch a movie later this evening, the new one about “Wolverine” – we just have to! Been dying to know more about Hugh Jackman’s character in “X-Men”. I like Hugh as an actor, in any kind of movie he has appeared in – small or big roles.

Got pretty weird news about our lovely neighbors, Wendy and Nick, they might not be together anymore and he has to go back to the US. Silly rules!

Also got really bad news regarding our house – they will demolish the building in 2015 or earlier. So we have to find another place to live, which we are looking for at the moment. It is just too bad – we have gotten so home here. The neighborhood is ideal, the people you meet are polite and, of course, our neighbors are pure awesome.

During the summer my family – including my uncle, my brother, my father and my grandma – might come down and visit us! Really glad news. Talked about it with my grandma and talked it over with my father too, I really got to make grandma use Skype for easier phone-access (expensive to sit calling long phone calls from Netherlands to Sweden).

A picture bombpost, for once! The pictures are just marking a lot of hot topics that I tend to write about in this blog – the picture of me is mostly because this blog is ME – moahahaha! The small Keiko-cat on the couch (one of the first pictures) was one of the pictures the former owner sent me, which made me fall in love with Keiko – her name back then was Kiara. Keiko suited her more and she listened to it!

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