Hey guys! ╭ (oㅇ‿ o#)ᕗ

Today I haven’t done much, I have to deal with the dishes though – I am procrastinating all the time.

My computer is slowly dying, really slow. It keeps on rebooting or shutting down itself, which is signs of it. I really hope it will last a little bit longer, until we get some parts to fix it. In that matter; I was drawing a picture of Leona (in paint) for 5h and forgot to save with intervals… It shut down and I lost it all. That pissed me off, quite horribly.

Seb might be unemployed soon, after Wednesday (around that day) and then he will sit at home again – sad and disappointing for him. He can’t get a permanent position at the company because he can’t work nights (no bike to bike there and the buses stop going early evening). He might have another job soon though, wiho!

Talked with my grandma yesterday, it was awesome and refreshing. She always makes you happy! I need to make it to Sweden soon, need to have a family-reunion (haven’t been that long since I met them last, but hey, I really miss my family).

On Friday we are probably going out with Seb’s work colleagues to eat a restaurant. After that it is Valentine’s Day – we might go to a really cozy and old-school interior restaurant in Wirduum.

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