Good day (`ゝω・´)

Today has been a really good day. Seb and I went on adventure, to get to our doctor, in Wirduum. 

It is a nice little suburban place, like really close to Leeuwarden and it has a high Växjö-feel. Really nice houses and really good overall.
We went to the supermarket and got some stuff before our appointment. It was a really short bus travel.
At the doctor Seb got his ears flushed out before the doctor saw to us. Then after our talk she prescribed cough syrup (strong one: can’t drive, lower reaction etc) and some birth-control. 
Now we are just chilling in front of the TV. Which is also a nice thing to do during a Friday evening. Seb got the day free from work because of appointments.
We missed the appointment to Carex though, “yes we will wake up before 11.00” – never trusting that again. Hoho! 

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