My working station …

Today it is actually quite nice weather outside, sunny and not a single drop of rain as been seen. 
I have this morning routine; go up with Seb around 7.00AM > watch the “Dog Whisperer” with him and then he goes to the bus and I eat breakfast > then I watch some Dutch TV and browse through the normal channels we always watch (“Fox TV”, “Comedy Central”, “National Geographic”, “Discovery Channel” and something with “Zender van de Maand” that shows “National Geographic Wild”) > I also go through the music channels and see what’s up – is there anything I like etc > I roll cigarettes and then I move to the computer. 
That’s how a morning looks for me, when Seb works – it isn’t like that during weekends.
Well, will probably update later today from the computer, a little bit different to write from the phone. 


My working station, hihi.

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