Stuff happening ¥_(^=^)_¥

I went grocery shopping with Seb’s mom today and I bought a lot of food – probably for three weeks. It was fun and it was a lot of talking – I like confiding in Seb’s mother, she feels like if she was my mother. I do enjoy having her company.

I went in to Leeuwarden as soon as I got home, Keiko got mad at me for leaving her alone again for a couple of hours (I came home, stashed the groceries and then I left again pretty much). 
At Jumbo I got really beautiful flowers with me home for buying for over 20€ – they are red, white and pink roses. Might upload a picture later (probably tomorrow). 
In Leeuwarden we ate at Subway with Seb’s colleague and we laughed and talked. I think I’m getting better at socializing. Then we went into stores and bought stuff we felt we needed in our home. It was awesome!
I’m really tired now in the evening so gonna hit the sack. Been watching nature programs again with Seb – it is important!

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