Wasn’t any city-going last Friday, the information was unclear between me and Seb and I went in and he went home. Sat alone in Leeuwarden for 1 hour and 20 minutes, started crying half way through… I was a lost child goddamn it! But yea, I tried to divert the tears, but no – even though my age is 21 and turning 22 I still seem to have no control over my own emotions. ( இ‸இ )

Well, nonetheless, I’ve been ill now for almost two weeks, coughing a lot and can barely breathe during it. Hopefully it will go away sooner or later. Seb has been talking about calling the doctor, but I’m convinced that it is just the aftermath of a cold.

Played a lot of games recently, a lot of Sims and LoL, plus a new alien-game Seb bought on Steam. It was on sale.

Went into Leeuwarden on Saturday though, with Seb’s mom. We bought some nice new clothes for Seb, he looks so proper. Plus some new soft pants for me, yay, and a new purple bag, not a big one – a smaller one to fit wallet, phone, smokes etc in. It is a shoulder bag too, so it has passed all the criteria I had for a bag. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

A minor problem though during the Saturday outing, was that Seb’s bankcard suddenly just stopped working – for no apparent reason at all. It worked fine in the first three-four shops, but then it stopped. So he has already “ordered” a new card. Hopefully it comes tomorrow.

I still have to send my sister’s Christmas gift, need an envelop. I already got her address so it should be fine.

I found a secret message on our kitchen-balcony door window and was going to tell Seb to translate it – obviously it was in Dutch. But when I told him about it he just smiled and said he wrote it. It is apparently about me and pretty cute but he can’t remember what he wrote. Damn!

Haven’t showered that much at all since I got ill, been piling up illness-bacteria-dirt etc. I am at the epitome of greasy hair and smelly clothes! But Seb says he disagrees with it, I don’t smell – yet.

Took Keiko for an outing, we got to the dirt-road and then the garbage truck came and she pulled the leash to immediately go home. So we hurried home, I opened the door and let go of the leash and she just ran up the stairs to safety. So kawaii! (థ ェ థ)

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