Monday (,,◕ ⋏ ◕,,)

Reached another workday for Seb, and here I am. At least Keiko didn’t meow at the door as much as she usually does. I think she is getting used to Seb working. Which is really good, for my nerves and for her vocal chords.

I am going to receive a phone call from Seb’s mom today, to decide a meet up for grocery-shopping tomorrow. We need some food for Christmas etc.

We’re going to have Wendy and Nick over this evening for some coffee/tea and chill. Looking forward to it, always nice to socialize with those two.

I’m facing the fact that my dad might not be able to come down here during the Christmas holidays. It saddens me a lot and knowing that I don’t have anyone that can take care of Keiko on such short notice we can’t go to him either, and seeing Seb is working all the in-between days and stuff we couldn’t take a “vacation”. It will not be the same, I had my mind set to it and now the hope is just crashing down on me. It sucks, so much. He did say on the phone though that “it might be a surprise trip after all” but I highly doubt it, I rather not get my hopes up again and get let down… again. I am not disappointed in the people or myself, I am just disappointed at the whole situation – that it didn’t work out for the better. ( இ‸இ )

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