Nerve wrecking (◍•﹏•)

I had the most nerve wrecking game EVER in Hearthstone. I play priest and I don’t have all the cards for the champion yet, but working on it. Anyway, I faced a warrior and we went so offensive against each other. There was no minions on the table because we kept on killing them, then in the end he finally got me down to 4 HP and I got him to 14. I saw my own demise in front of me… ε=ε=(っ*´□`)っ 

But I kept on killing off his minions so he only had one minion with 2 damage EVERY turn and kept on healing up the 2 damage that hit me every turn. In the end we both had no cards and lived on by a margin. I kept on poking him down until he was 6 HP and he got a sick card with 6/6. Which scared the shit out of me, I could barely keep on healing myself back to 4 HP every time and now he will finally kill me. I got so nervous that I couldn’t sit still, trust me when I say I was changing seating position every second to have a better “view” over every turn of the game. ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

But… But… But.. There is always a but. I got the luckiest draw in my entire life after he put down that monstrosity! I got a “Shadow Word: Death” which destroys any card with damage over 5… I immediately destroyed his card, I had two minions on my table so I started attacking him. Now this warrior is at 3 HP and it was two whole nerve wrecking minutes I sat staring at him moving his cursor over his hero power to his ONE and ONLY card, he drew it right after my turn was over. I almost sat on my knees at this point, with butterflies in my stomach. Who ever claims that Hearthstone is a calm game has never had a game like this…

After those two minutes where I silently inside slowly died while mildly sobbing in real life and contemplating if I should surrender before he destroys me or not… I just suddenly see his portrait blow up and a victory screen pop up. He decided to surrender! Trust me, I shoved my clenched fist straight up in the air and almost cried out of happiness. I got so excited over that little game of nerves bending all over the place that I am now typing it all down before the victory rush leaves me! It was beautiful! (●´艸`)

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