Best of luck to bebiboi! σ(≧ε≦o)

I am sitting here, all alone in the home, with only Keiko and a-ha to keep me company. I am supposed to do some cleaning, but … “TAAAKE ON MEEEEE. TAKE ON ME. TAKE MEE OOOOON. TAAKE ON MEEE! I’LL BE GOOOONE… TUUUUUUUUUUUU”.

Been playing a lot of Sims lately and a lot of WoW, LoL and Starbound. Pretty funny games.

Ofcourse I have to play as a lesbian Sims that goes to art university “Fine Arts Degree”. It is just some things you gotta do.

Our guild on Auchindoun is turning out quite awesome, we got people that wants to join and raid with us, iiiih! But we still need some certain role fillers.. ╥﹏╥

I finally made pictures of the floor for my father to see, been wanting to forever but laziness would always take over during those moments and then I forgot about it. But I finally did, it looks awesome and cozy.

 I am holding my fingers crossed for Seb today. He is at a workplace to show interest – second stage, they confirmed his place when he applied, now he just have to land the job. ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Seb downloaded Fable 3 for me and I got kinda stuck in it too. I am trying to have a group sex party with a lot of people that “like” my hero, but it requires hookers – which Seb thinks are the wrong priorities for me. But I gotta do it! I am the hero for the people, to touch.. Huhuhuhu…

I really should start with the dishes, but I am too cool for it, really… Serious!

I still hope for my father, my brother and my uncle to be able to get down here during Christmas. It is too bad that we can’t go up – we have nowhere to stash Keiko over the time we would be gone – and it sucks. Because what if they can’t come down, then I will have to probably wait until summer to be able to meet my family. I just hope that it will not come down to that!

I just realized that I usually update my blog through the tablet and today I am not. It is easy to just bring the tablet with you, for example to the toilet, and then update the blog from there. The toilet is a great thinking place – must admit.

Been listening to old school music today, like Run DMC, The Offspring – old songs – and other stuff, it is nice being able to sing along as loud as you can knowing that the neighbors probably are gone – for school or something – or it is just Wendys boyfriend at home (and I hardly believe he is bothered with it). ♬♫♪◖(●。●)◗♪♫♬

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