Awesome day today! (◎`・ω・´)人(´・ω・`*)

We had our neighbors, Wendy and Nick, up at our place for some coffee/tea and a lot of biscuits. They ate dinner with us and we laughed a lot. Did so not expect that to click between us so quick. I am just happy to have met them and gotten to know them, instead of just having a first impression-state of mind about them. They seem genuinely nice and overall fun to hang around with. People with equal sense of humour are the best, easily.

Was a little bit harder to get Keiko to take the pill today, used up a half butter-ham to make it happen – which is very unusual compared to the other times when it just slipped down in one go. o(´^`)o

We got two new recruits to our guild, ZOMG Premade, awesooooome! We moved server and started up our own raiding guild.

Soon it is Christmas! Love Nela. ^3^

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