(´△`)♪ It is such a good day.. (´△`)♪

I have been so stuck in a new game; “Hearthstone” that I haven’t been able to think about anything else. Been playing on Sebs beta-account, hoping for my own key. Been levelling up and playing priest, mostly because I really liked the class from “World of Warcraft”. Sometimes I get asswhooped and sometimes I win – rarely big wins, but at least it is something!

We were originally going to a market in Sneek or Leeuwarden tomorrow but seeing we only have one buscard (we have two, but only one with money on) and noone to drive us we can’t go. 〃´_`〃

I installed the new Sims 3 expansion two days ago and I really like it, too bad my computer decides to lag in the game every 10 seconds (heavily overexaggerated)… but it isn’t too bad.

Hoho, just noticed that I almost type so fast that the tablet doesn’t keep up, awesome! It just means that I am getting used to type with it.

Seb and I have been pondering about inviting the neighbors under us up for tea/coffee. It is a Dutch woman with her American boyfriend, wonder how they met (obviously internet, I just want details. Juicy, juicy deatils…).

We put out our garbage last Tuesday and the garbagetruck didn’t empty it! We do not understand why they didn’t… It isn’t like you need to pay for it – I hope. Never heard of people paying for it, so if it was like that here it would be my first.

Anyway, over and out. Love! ^3^

By the way: About the “Tapped Out” business, it was only Seb that put in the wrong e-mail to Origin. It isn’t all lost! Yippie!

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